Curatron 2000 XP Home Package

  • $6,25700

Includes the Curatron 2000 XP with 10  pre-set protocols covering a variety of issues. 

Full Body Mattress producing up to 10,000 microTeslas of energy medicine for systemic treatment of issues such as Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease symptoms, Asthma, lower back pain, Neruosclerosis, Osteoporosis, Pain and a host of others issues. 

Very High Energy Coil B applicator delivering up to 70,000 microTeslas of energy medicine capable treating issues such as tendonitis and fracture healing, and reach internal organs. 

    Includes Curatron 2000 XP, Full Body Mattress, Very High Coil B, multi-applicator switch, power cord and test magnet.

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